Why should one start preparing for entrance exams at an early age?

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Why should one start preparing for entrance exams at an early age?

Why should one start preparing for entrance exams at an early age?

Why should one start preparing for entrance from an early age?

There is a saying that “The early bird gets the worm”. Why should one start preparing for entrance exams at an early age? IITs or some of the prominent NITs are undoubtedly the dream of every aspiring engineers. Similarly in the case of aspiring doctors AIIMS, JIPMER and other Government Medical Colleges become their dream. But between this dream and students lies a hurdle called entrance exams. The race of cracking the entrance exam has become so fierce that students have started to prepare for it, a little too early i.e. frm 8th standard. Many highly-accredited coaching institutes like Whizdom Educare have launched foundation courses for students who wish start as early as from Class 8.

Coaching gives the right direction in terms of career planning and exposes you to efficacious strategies that would help you smoothly cruise through your exams.  Even parents, today are now getting their kids enrolled in foundation classes offered by the best IIT JEE coaching.

Following are some of the reasons which will help you understand why starting early age is beneficial:-

  1. New JEE/NEET exam pattern:- According to the new JEE/NEET pattern to engineering colleges in India would give 40% weightage to Board exams & only 2 attempts to appear for JEE-Advanced (one in Class XII & another in subsequent year). This implies that a student has to focus on CBSE/other boards and alongside carry the studies for competitive examinations. Their chances of success becomes bright if they start preparing early.
  2.  Starting early means less pressure and a fresh mind:-If a engineering or a medical aspirant start preparing from class 8th for their respective entrance exams they will get a lot of time to know the subject and the exam pattern theryby decreasing the pressure.
  3. Smooth transition of Class 11:- Early preparation of the science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and  Biology/Zoology will help the students to do well Class 11 exams. The change in syllabus for the Class 11 science students is drastic and student usually feel difficulty in understanding the subjects in the beginning.
  4. Major help in Class 10 Board, NTSE and Olympiads:- Whizdom Educare believes in enhancing and building the curiosity of the young and nascent minds. The earlier the concepts are embedded in their minds with absolute clarity, greater are the chances that the student will perform better & score good ranks in competitive examinations. The course will be of great help for students aspiring for NTSE scholarship, national & international subject Olympiads too. Also it will helping boosting the Class 10 board results.

Advantage of Foundation Programs

Though self-study is an excellent way to understand things, the syllabus of IIT JEE is far above the understanding of a class 8th student. So, advisable is to join a coaching institution such as Whizdom Educare that offers foundation programs for students who wish to start early with their preparation to crack JEE advanced. Joining a coaching institution would help polish problem-solving power and ability to grasp and retain what is being taught.

It’s good to give yourself a path and a vision from an early age, however, you should not force yourself to start preparing for IIT JEE or NEET if you are mentally not ready to take up the challenge and pressure. Have a proper discussion with your parents, related to the career you want to pursue and take the decision when both you and your parents are convinced with the idea.


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