NEET UG 2019- Study Strategy to Crack the Exam

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May 10, 2018
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NEET UG 2019- Study Strategy to Crack the Exam

NEET UG 2019

NEET UG 2019 or The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is an entrance examination in India, for students who wish to study any graduate medical course, dental course in government or private medical colleges in India.

NEET aspirants should plan a study schedule that can easily be converted into a daily habit. Sticking a daily routine of regular studies don’t affect the health also. If for the NEET aspirants studying does not come naturally and if it is hard for them to keep the concentration level intact then devising a robust study plan will be very helpful.

NEET UG 2019 is almost a year away now. So if you make a proper study plan and stick to throughout the year, it will be quite comfortable for you to complete the syllabus in time and also will be left with a lot of time to revise. NEET as an competitive exam is getting tougher every with the increase of number of people taking the exam.

NEET UG 2019- Subject Wise Study Strategy


Do not skip any of the topics from NCERT Book. Keep your mind clear and positive while preparing for NEET Physics Exam. Absolute clarity in physics comes from practice. Understand the basics of the subject rather than memorizing the formulas. Be perfect with the concepts. Don’t just try to solve problems without knowing the concepts well.

You need to practice conceptual programs. You can try solving problems in the book of H.C. Verma. Your analytical skills are tested while solving the problems. Joining a coaching institute will be wise decision to prepare NEET UG Physics paper.


In order to achieve a good level of preparation in NEET 2019, you need to keep studying your biology course regularly on daily basis. Make sure that you are studying with the help of NCERT. Go through the diagrams of NCERT as many questions are based on diagrams.

Solve all the examples given in NCERT. In pre-medical exams, few tricky questions are asked in which the meaning and concept of the question is changed by replacing a few words.

You should know the weightage of all the chapters so that you can prepare accordingly. Spend more time on the chapters with high weightage in NEET. And joining a coaching institute will be very helpfull to do good in Biology paper.


NEET Chemistry is the highest scoring section out of these three sections. This subject can increase the selection chances if prepared well.

The questions asked from Inorganic are unambiguous. If you learned the chapters appropriately, then you can answer those questions with confidence.

In Organic Chemistry, You need to study all reaction mechanisms and remember all named reactions. Study the chapter, and make notes while you study each chapter.

For Physical Chemistry, Read from NCERT and have your concepts clarified at your coaching institute. After you are done with the chapter, write down all equations from the chapter in a notebook for speedy reference while solving problems.

Each day of the week should have four different sessions of preparation or studies equally balanced with time to de-stress and doing other important stuffs. First session would be a planning session. Second will be preparing for competitive exams and revising school work. Third will be preparing for harder topics. And fourth will be revision of what all we have studied in the day. This routine if followed for the whole year then there will be no problem completing the syllabus for NEET.

NEET examination pattern is likely to be the same for NEET 2019.  NEET 2018 exam syllabus can be checked here.


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